We Love helping to serve our Community. Becoming a Volunteer at the Dearborn Animal shelter is a feel good experience. We didn't really realize how many animal lovers were out there til we volunteered our time to help at the Dearborn Homecoming. If you want to become a volunteer go to www.metrodetroitanimals.org the staff is friendly and easy to work with.

 Fostered and We Adotped Charlie Brown Never Thought we would every adopt a Pit Bull Terrior but when we fostered him he instantly became part of the family. He is lovable and very cuddly. Volunteering at the animal shelter we see many pit bull mixes and they are no different then the most popular Golden Retriever. So if your every in doubt don't be they are great Family Dogs!

We are proud Fosters/Volunteers for the Dearborn Animal Shelter, This is Oscar looking for a new

home. He's about 8 years old, loves to play, cuddle and being outdoors if you are interested

please contact the Dearborn Animal Shelter and let them know you want to adopt Oscar

                                    ADOPTED 6/25

Just got these cute little Kittens yesterday to foster. 6/27 I believe only 6 weeks old both females.

You can call the Dearborn Animal Shelter to adopt them. Very playful A


This is sunny she's 2 months old and full of spunk. Loves to be adventurous

and very playfull

This is Axle he is 2 months old and very cuddly if you are interested please call the Dearborn Animal Shelter